Havaya Israeli Life Cycle Ceremonies

Birth Ceremonies – Bat / Bar Mitzvah – Weddings – Burial and Mourning

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Life cycle ceremonies are an opportunity to reconnect to our identity and values. Havaya in Hebrew means: existence, being and experience. We offer couples and families and experience that includes a learning process, followed by a discussion, which will lead to designing that right ceremony for you and your families. Our ceremonies are based on the relevant Jewish ceremony. While understanding the different blessings and symbols we also give you the opportunity to ask questions, discus and make sure that you feel comfortable with every part of your ceremony. During the process we might offer modern blessings, new interpretations to some of the symbols and other ideas that might create a bridge between Jewish tradition and modern times.

We believe that your ceremony should be meaningful to you and your family and that people should want to listen to every word and be there with you to share this unique moment.

Our ceremony officiants have an academic education and were trained by Havaya to be our official ceremony officiants. By contacting Havaya’s information center you can get more information about each and every one of the officiants as well as second and third languages that might be relevant for bilingual ceremonies. Our officiants are all located in Israel and are able to officiate ceremonies overseas. Our ceremony officiants are available to meet you before the ceremony either in person or in cases where you are out of Israel via phone call or Internet.

Jewish Wedding

Our weddings focus on our couples needs. The learning process is combined with an on going discussion between tradition and renewal. We want you to feel that the ceremony meets your values and includes both of you and your families in a way that makes you feel comfortable. We believe that when it comes to your ceremony you should be creative, initiative and feel that this ceremony is one of a kind. Tailor made only for you. Our Life ceremony officiants will invite you to write your own KETUBA and we will take care of sending your text to our graphic designer.

HAVAYA invites interfaith couples to contact us and combine Israeli roots with other cultures and traditions.

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HAVAYA's birth ceremonies focus on baby naming and welcoming the new baby boy or girl in to the family. We offer a preparation meeting before the ceremony, which includes traditional background as well as modern texts.

Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah

We focus on the DRASHA or the DVAR TORAH of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah boy or girl. Our Life ceremony officiants will guide the bar / bat mitzvah boy or girl through the learning process by writing the DRASHA or DVAR TORAH and making sure that all relevant family members will be part of the event surrounding the boy or the girl who are celebrating.

Burial and Mourning

We believe that you are entitled to a respectful and personal ceremony also at these emotional moments. We encourage you to commemorate the memory of your beloved in the way you and your family feel most comfortable to do so. Our Life ceremony officiants offer to guide you through these emotional moments before during and after the burial ceremony.